Friday, December 25, 2009

Prerna 2010

Prerna '10

“Gyaan haar jagah bat raha hai, jahaan mile wahaan lapeto !”

( Knowlege is found everywhere grab it wherever you can!)

- Ranchordas Chanchor (Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots)

Listen up people! L.S. Raheja College of Arts And Commerce has roped in corporate big shots like –

Mr. Rajiv Rao – Head of Ogilvy India and Creator of Zoo Zoos,

Mr. Rajiv Laxman – Host of Channel [V] – The Player,

Mr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala – CEO of Wockhardt Foundation

Mr. Vivek Talwar – Vice President of Tata Power

Mr. VSS Mani - The Founder of Just Dial

RJ Prackriti - Radio Mirchi

Chief Guest - Priya Dutt

On the 18th of January 2010, I.E.S. Auditorium, Bandra (W) from 9am will be the place to be, if u want to lap up the gyaan directly from the people, who have “been there and done that” after all isn’t it said, that if u want to learn swimming, who better than Micheal Phelps, if u want to learn cricket who better than Sachin Tendulkar? And if you want to learn management and the fine art of money making

Who better then the stalwarts of the industry?

So come, join us!

Prerna ’10, lets together peep into the EMERGING TRENDS and convert our VISION INTO REALITY!

For Details Contact:

Karan – 09920245225

Dhaval – 09769619743

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

L.S.Raheja Events 2009-10

L.S.Raheja college is accustomed to pulling out ideas from even an empty box and we dont dissapoint.We believe in having events and festivals not only for the knowledge of the ones conducting but more so the ones participating.This year we students are aiming to tantilize the skills and thrills of our guests. Prerna our business seminar will make you go home with a thought,our esteemed speakers will help you turn your VISIONS INTO REALITY.

Countdown to extinction( C2E ) will leave wanting more with physical and mental tasks- testing the grit of the participants and forcing them to THINK AGAIN.

Aawaaz is a musical buffet for the listeners of all kinds. Bands and singers will play songs that will u move, groove and scream.

"Prerna,C2E and Aawaaz will enlight and entertain above the limit of the sky,
You will soon realize that L.S.Raheja is more than what meets the eye."

C2E Phase II





Bad Becomes Worse…

Think of the most outrageous, mad, crazy things you have ever done, now multiply that with a hundred, no a thousand!

Well that is what the events at C2E would be like!

There is no point in writing paragraphs on paragraphs about it; the only way to experience the phenomenon is to be there in person!

So come, Explore your wild side!

Cash Prize of upto Rs 25,000 & Vouchers worth upto Rs. 1,00,000 to be won


When - 13th, 15th and 16th of January 2010

Where - Crystal Point, Andheri(W).

Countdown begins – 20th of January 2010

For audition forms contact

Kush – 09819216281

Pratik - 09769830861





Experience beyond Hell…

Countdown 2 Extinction, a special event by the students of L.S.Raheja faces great success in its maiden voyage last year. We Tested the grits,guts and perseverance of the contestants from numerous colleges around the city. Auditions by our judges ensured the best remained and they were put through rigorous tasks and only a handful survived extinction.

3 days, 36 contestants, numerous tasks to test their mind and body all over MUMBAI defined C2E. RAGHU RAM from Roadies too suggested that the contestants should fear our tasks.



“I have a dream... a dream of a terror-free, safe Mumbai”

Well then, here is your chance!

You see , in order to bring about a change, you need to first create awareness about it. L. S . Raheja College of Arts and Commerce has come up with a unique way of creating this awareness!

Come join us on the 23rd of January, 5.00 pm onwards and rock to the beats of India’s renowned bands like Reverrse Polarity, Sceptre, Radio and Cirkles. Come join hands with us and together we shall bring about this much needed change.

Trust us “ Peace has never been so Rocking! ”

Bands Performing

Reverrse Polarity




DATE: 23rd Jan 2010

TIME : 5pm onwards

VENUE: College Ground.

For Further Details Contact:

Pratik – 09769830861

Ankitaa - 09833690950

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prerna 2008

Prerna 2008

The theme for this year was: INNOVATE ‘UR’ CREATIVITY

The main reason for selecting this topic was because in today’s date, the packaging of your product is probably as important as your product, if not more! An easy HINDI translation by the ad-guru

Prahlad Kakkar: “Jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai”

What good is a businessman or entrepreneur, if he is not able to think ‘out-of-the-box’? What will be the difference between a regular 9-5pm salaried individual and a corporate honcho if the latter is not able to use his resources in such a way that he realizes its maximum potential?!

The Speakers were as follows:-

· Mr. Hoshi Bhiwandiwala (Founder - NIEM)

· Mr. Raghu Ram (Executive Producer - MTV Roadies)

· Mr. Dilip Chabria (Chairman - DC)

· Mr. Vikas Desai (India’s first official Film Guru)

· Mr. Raghunath Medge (President of Six Sigma acclaimed Dabbawala Association)

· Saroj Khan (Choreographer)

Enlightened the students with their deep thoughts.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Prerna - BMS Festival

L.S. Raheja College of Arts & Commerce is at the peak of management education. With a strong objective of imparting knowledge BMS students of L.S Raheja College have been implementing innovative techniques and methods on an ongoing basis. With the help of the students the college is constantly achieving its strings of goals and ambitions.

In 2001, a bunch of young amateurs united to successfully materialize their thoughts that formed the origin of Prerna. The previous seminars conducted in the past glorious years by successful and renowned speakers encompassed varying ranges of topics encircling management.