Wednesday, December 23, 2009

L.S.Raheja Events 2009-10

L.S.Raheja college is accustomed to pulling out ideas from even an empty box and we dont dissapoint.We believe in having events and festivals not only for the knowledge of the ones conducting but more so the ones participating.This year we students are aiming to tantilize the skills and thrills of our guests. Prerna our business seminar will make you go home with a thought,our esteemed speakers will help you turn your VISIONS INTO REALITY.

Countdown to extinction( C2E ) will leave wanting more with physical and mental tasks- testing the grit of the participants and forcing them to THINK AGAIN.

Aawaaz is a musical buffet for the listeners of all kinds. Bands and singers will play songs that will u move, groove and scream.

"Prerna,C2E and Aawaaz will enlight and entertain above the limit of the sky,
You will soon realize that L.S.Raheja is more than what meets the eye."

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